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A Family Holiday Comedy

A terribly naughty eleven-year-old girl is magically transported to the North Pole at Christmas time where she learns that she has upset the balance. Because of her, there are more naughty children in the world than nice ones. And now Santa…

Got Heart?

An Action Comedy

When the entire organ courier company comes down with a serious bout of food poisoning, lovable but neurotic bookkeeper Darryl Dinkel becomes the only one capable of undertaking the mission of a lifetime–the delivery of the donor heart to…

Before Billy

A Family Comedy

KIM’s biological clock is ticking…and ticking…and ticking. In comic desperation, she takes a mysterious Chinese herbal compound, which is supposed to slow down…

Cupid’s Last Shot

A Romantic Comedy

Turned into a mortal by the gods as punishment for his romantic shenanigans of putting the wrong people together, a grown up Cupid must now win the love…

A Dog’s Life

A Fantasy Comedy

The life of a workaholic womanizer is turned upside down when his unhappy dog magically switches bodies with him, and refuses to switch back…

Know You Like A Paperback

A Romantic Comedy

Confronted by a marriage proposal, a young woman forgets how much she loves her live-in boyfriend of ten years and sets out on a romantic journey that…

Who’s Your Daddy?

A Teen Comedy

A small town Ohio teenager inherits a Playboy-like empire, quickly becoming seduced by the money and glamour until…

Love Bites

A Romantic Comedy

When he’s free, she’s not.  When she’s been dumped, he’s in a relationship.  Overcoming broken hearts, a brilliant chef and an aspiring novelist discover…

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